Directors General of Customs of the Americas region advance towards a Regional MRA

Fecha: 03/12/2018

On November 26 and 27 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, activities related to the Authorized Economic Operator Programs (AEO) in the Americas region were held. These activities focused on the need for integration in order to strengthen the international supply chain, the promotion of competitiveness of the operators from the region, and trade facilitation at an intra-regional level.

The event was organized by Procomex, Brazil Customs and it was supported by Mr. Enrique Canon, Chairperson of the WCO Council and Director General of Uruguay Customs.

During those days the first work meeting for the Project for the Mutual Recognition Agreement of the AEO Programs took place. The Directors General of Customs of Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay attended the event.

The International Seminar: AEO Programs in the Americas was also held, which was attended by representatives from the private sector and from AEO certified operators from the participating countries.

During the activities, the attendees learned about the advances of the AEO Programs in the countries from the region, from the public and private sector’s perspective. Likewise, they could exchange views on the importance of the mutual recognition of AEO Programs in regard to integration and trade facilitation, as well as about the challenges, opportunities, and necessary steps to follow in the path towards a Regional AEO in the Americas.

As a result of the work carried out, in the “Sao Paulo Declaration”, the Directors General of Customs, reaffirmed their commitment and will to develop the necessary work to reach a Mutual Recognition Agreement of their AEO Programs. They also reaffirmed the collective will to promote initiatives aimed at trade facilitation and security of the States and their citizens, through cooperation between Customs services.

During the activities carried out, experiences and best practices were exchanged, aiming at knowing further about the lessons learnt from the first multilateral MRA signed in the region, between the Members of the Pacific Alliance.

In parallel, and independently, the First Meeting of the Private Sector Group for the AMS Region was held, aimed at discussing their role in the tools and standards proposed by the WCO for the region.

To close the activities, a joint meeting between the Directors General of Customs and the Private Sector Group for the AMS Region was held.