Uruguay National Customs Directorate opens official LinkedIn account

Fecha: 17/09/2018

Last August, the Uruguay National Customs Directorate opened its official LinkedIn account. This is another step towards the improvement of our communication channels with the citizens, a process that began in 2016, when our official Twitter account and YouTube channel were launched.

Known as “The world's largest professional network”, LinkedIn was launched in May 2003, and it currently has more than 500 million users in more than 200 countries worldwide. 9 million companies participate in the network, and two new users are registered every second. 42 million users access the network via smartphones each month, and 25 million profiles are viewed each day.

LinkedIn is a professional social network, aimed at developing business relations. In this network, we can find companies, professionals and organizations networking and doing business. In essence, LinkedIn is a tool that enables the development of new professional relations. These relations are selected on a targeted manner, which makes it more likely to collaborate and do business.

There is a widespread perception that LinkedIn is used mainly for job searching. However, most of the activities that take place in the network are not related to such goal. LinkedIn’s main uses are:

-          Networking: Socializing with colleagues from work, university, or leading professionals.

-          Gain knowledge: LinkedIn allows you to follow companies, participate in activities and participate in forum discussions. There are over 2 million groups where professionals exchange ideas.

-          Personal branding or digital reputation: It offers the necessary tools, so that the users can build their professional identities, showing who they are and what their professional goals are.

The last point is key. In today’s world, where we are one click away from knowing the opinion of thousands of people about a product, a company, a professional or a government agency, the good use of digital reputation is crucial. LinkedIn allows users to enhance their professional image, improve their digital reputation and show their potential.

The official LinkedIn account of the Uruguay National Customs Directorate is already active.  Documents, briefs, infographics, analysis and reports are some of the contents that you can find there. You can access all of our social network profiles via our web www.aduanas.gub.uy.

In this way, the Uruguay National Customs Directorate continues to advance in its Modernization Process, thus increasing transparency levels, as well as increasing and improving its communication channels with the public.