Panama Ambassador thanks Uruguay Customs for the presentation of IT System LUCIA

Fecha: 16/12/2022

In a letter addressed at the Director General of Uruguay Customs, Mr. Jaime Borgiani, the Ambassador of Panama in Uruguay, Mr. Carlos Aguilar Navarro, thanked Uruguay Customs for their will to cooperate with Panama Customs in the process of transferring some modules of the IT System LUCIA.

In his letter, the Diplomat expressed his ‘deep gratitude for the collaboration received from Uruguay Customs and for the successful virtual meeting held last August 23, with Panama Customs authorities, under the auspices of this Diplomatic Mission’.

The Ambassador also mentioned that ‘the aim of the meeting was to reassure Panama’s intention to receive technical cooperation on some modules of the IT System LUCIA, and to learn about the main technical details, implementation costs, software copyright and required licenses, among other aspects’.